Pipe cutting, beveling
Pipe cutting, beveling
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Pipe cutting, beveling
Making tie-ins and chamfers on pipes of various diameters by a mechanical method — by using high-speed steel cutters and portable metalworking machines
Conclusion Report No. 31323949-061-2010 was obtained, as well as recommendations for the use of weld repair technology with application of Camshell Series pipe-working lathes made by Hydratight / D. L. Ricci and H&S.
Work performance in hard-to-reach areas (minimum installation space is up to 115 mm)
Feasibility of machine installation on a continuous pipeline section, including bends, tees, crossings etc.
Pipe cutting and making chamfers with a minimum offset from the edge (at least 10 mm)
Machining of pipes of up to K100 strength class and wall thickness up to 100 mm, made of different steel grades, including heat-resistant and stainless steels
Pipe cutting with residual content of a product in the pipeline
  • Pipe cutting to size (machining range is 20 to 1,448 mm)
  • Making chamfers of various profiles (set by cutting tool geometry)
  • Simultaneous pipe cutting and chamfering (on open ended pipes)
  • Internal boring of pipes (using a boring module at a depth of up to 254 mm)
  • Pipe boring in axial direction (by using axial feed module)
  • Cutting and machining of oval pipes (possible ovality compensation is up to 25.4 mm)
  • Different types of drives (hydraulic, electric, pneumatic), with explosion-proof design
  • Pipe cutting to size and preparation for welding at the time of pipeline laying
  • Cutting off defective sections of pipeline and repair of defective welding joints in accordance with STO Gazprom
  • Edge beveling for tie-in of a new spool
  • Machining of pipes with different thickness, pipeline fittings for their subsequent welding